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Mizuho Sato Flamenco presents

¡FLAMENKING! Vol.5 "Con 2 Cantaores"


6/15/24 at City Dance Studios

Open 6:30pm Starts 7:00pm


Early Bird & Front Row Ticket sales has begun!

Get your tickets at the discounted rate by 5/12!



Cante: José Cortes, Roberto Zamora

Guitarra: Jesse Torre

Baile: Mizuho Sato

& Company Dancers from San Francisco, Palo Alto, Stanford University, and more!



Ladies and gentlemen, behold the grandeur of Flamenco like never before!

Mizuho Sato Flamenco proudly presents the much-anticipated 5th edition of our acclaimed show, ¡FLAMENKING!

Join us as we welcome the unparalleled talents of live flamenco singers, guitarist, percussionist and full line up of dancers!! Witness a rare convergence of two remarkable vocalists, a spectacle that promises to ignite the stage with unprecedented fervor.


¡FLAMENKING! is more than just a show; it's a revolutionary movement led by our visionary artistic director, Mizuho Sato.

It champions social equality across age, gender, race, skin color, dance levels, and social status hierarchy, liberating dancers and musicians from the constraints of the system.

Experience this uprising for yourself in the heart of San Francisco and lend your support to the cause of artistic freedom!


As a special treat, immerse yourself in the artistry of our very own Mizuho Sato aka zmiiimz with an exclusive art exhibition includeds charcoal art of flyers and colorful abstartcts, Tshirts & posters of ¡FLAMENKING! and more!


Support the cause by watching the show, gifting the tickets to your beloved friends, or by buying the tickets and posters to spread the awareness!!


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Artists' Bio

José Cortés

Cantaor, Flamenco Singer


José Cortés Fernández was born in the south of France in 1974 from an important gypsy family from Almería. At the age of ten, Jose began his career in Jerez de la Frontera where he won the "premio del joven aficionado del cante
 flamenco," accompanied on guitar by Terremoto hijo. He was immersed in the world of flamenco with the greatest artists, such as Terremoto, Pansequito, Camarón de la Isla, Moraito Chico and Tomatito. Since then, he has shared the stage with the best artists, including Belen Lopez, Alfonso Losa, Sergio Arranda, , Juan Ogalla ,María del Mar Moreno, Antonio de la Malena, manuel de la malena ,Mara Martinez, Andrés Peña, Pilar Ortega, Juan Carmona, David Paniagua, Juañares , Nino de los Reyes, Jesus Carmona, Isaac de los Reyes, Belen Maya, Maria Juncal, Domingo Ortega y carmen ledesma. He has sung for the worshops of Israel Galván, Angelita Gómez and Javier Latorre. In 2010, he moved to the United States and now works with many amazing artists such as Jason McGuire, Yaelisa "Camino Flamencos", Carola Zertuche "Teatro Flamenco," Melissa Cruz, Cristina Hall, Recently Jose was invited to be Antonio Carmona's (Ketama) backup singer at the Nokia Theater for the Eva Longoria's Foundation.In 2014 Jose had the honor to sing for the San Francisco Opera in « Giselle ». Since 2014 Jose has worked with the Aspen Ballet Juan Siddi Company with whom he toured in Hawaii, New Mexico and had the honor to perform at the Joyce Theater in New York City last spring. An incredible and traditional artist, José Cortés Fernández surprises us now by taking a step forward in his conception of flamenco by making pure flamenco live alongside other genres.

Roberto Zamora
IMG_1804 3.JPG

Cantaor, Flamenco Singer


Roberto Zamora has been actively involved in flamenco for 50 years. After having begun studying flamenco dance and cante in 1970, he went to Spain in 1973 to immerse himself in "flamenco gitano". At this time he was fortunate to be embraced by the "Gastor" family of Morón de la Frontera which extended to the gitanos of Utrera and Lebrija and Jerez de la Frontera, in short, many of the legendary flamenco artists of that time. These life-long, close friendships have enriched his life all these years and become an integral part of the flamenco he represents. Although he was a solo dancer and singer for many years, working in all the major dance companies of the Bay Area and some in other states, he in later life specialized in being a "festero" dancer/singer in the vein of his friends Anzonini del Puerto, Miguel "El Funi", Paco de Valdepeñas and others. His singing for dancers is inspired by his knowledge of dance and the intensity and intimate soul connection he was fortunate to witness over the many years of experiencing this art form in gitano family settings in Spain and the USA when his favorite artists would come to perform here. He is intimate friends with the gitanos of his generation and is a welcome guest at flamenco gatherings in Andalucia, the heartbeat of flamenco.  

Jesse Torre

Guitar, Music Theory

Jesse Torre began studying guitar at the age of ten, and in his studies has developed an unwitting passion for playing and teaching. Bay Area native Jesse has studied with classical guitarist Angel Miguel Lejarza Leo, flamenco guitar virtuoso Jason Mcguire, and has worked under the mindful instruction of classical guitarist Nicholas Goluses at the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, New York. There Jesse completed his Bachelors in Music (Classical Performance) with distinction, and was honored with a Performer’s Certificate, demonstrating excellence in guitar performance. During his undergraduate studies, Jesse performed in masterclasses led by the prestigious GFA winner, Tengyue Zhang, and Bach expert, Paul Galbraith. His time at Eastman has given him a strong background in music theory; he is an advocate for the written and aural analysis of music, and stresses the importance of composition and instrumental exploration. As a performer and teacher, Jesse specializes in flamenco and classical guitar, though he offers instruction in a variety of genres including: folk, blues, fingerstyle, pop, rock and rumba, to name a few. As a theory educator, Jesse covers theoretical concepts dating as far back as the Baroque, and addresses concepts of harmony and improvisation that overlap with aspects of jazz and contemporary music. Lessons are tailored to meet each individual student’s needs, interests, and various learning styles in order to ensure enthusiasm and musical growth. His patience and humor make learning fun.

Mizuho Sato

Check Mizuho's bio here

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