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Join this exclusive debut event , SOL y LUNARES, by Jesse Torre and Mizuho Sato, the San Francisco based eccentric Flamenco duo, joined by Azriel El Moreno the Bay Area's favorite Flamenco singer.


Enjoy this most intimate and passionate live Flamenco show with modern twist followed by Spanish tapas and a selection of wine. Meet and greet the artists, join your friends and meet new friends.


Azriel El Moreno : Vocal

Jesse Torre : Guitar & Music Direction

Mizuho Sato : Dance, Choreography & Artistic Direction


The event is in person and it will be live streamed at the same time.

Sponsored by

TuneForte (Live Streaming & Ticket Handling)

Deepcell (Venue)

VelvetFig (Sweets Catering)

Azriel El Moreno

Azriel "El Moreno" loves Flamenco. For the last couple of decades he has performed as a cantaor (flamenco singer) in Bay Area tablaos, private events and theater shows with many of the local flamenco dancers and guitarists. Raised in Argentina, with Jewish roots from Germany, Syria and Turkey (and traced back to Spain before the expulsion), started singing for audiences at a young age in his father's synagogue.  His first steps in flamenco (both as a singer and a dancer) were in Santa Fe, New Mexico with guitarist Ives Lucero and dancer Ramona Garduño. 

Lately, he has been training (and getting inspired) over zoom with Manuel Gago, an exceptional cantaor and maestro from Cadiz. 

Jesse Torre


Guitar, Music Theory

Jesse Torre began studying guitar at the age of ten, and in his studies has developed an unwitting passion for playing and teaching. Bay Area native Jesse has studied with classical guitarist Angel Miguel Lejarza Leo, flamenco guitar virtuoso Jason Mcguire, and has worked under the mindful instruction of classical guitarist Nicholas Goluses at the Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, New York. There Jesse completed his Bachelors in Music (Classical Performance) with distinction, and was honored with a Performer’s Certificate, demonstrating excellence in guitar performance. During his undergraduate studies, Jesse performed in masterclasses led by the prestigious GFA winner, Tengyue Zhang, and Bach expert, Paul Galbraith. His time at Eastman has given him a strong background in music theory; he is an advocate for the written and aural analysis of music, and stresses the importance of composition and instrumental exploration. As a performer and teacher, Jesse specializes in flamenco and classical guitar, though he offers instruction in a variety of genres including: folk, blues, fingerstyle, pop, rock and rumba, to name a few. As a theory educator, Jesse covers theoretical concepts dating as far back as the Baroque, and addresses concepts of harmony and improvisation that overlap with aspects of jazz and contemporary music. Lessons are tailored to meet each individual student’s needs, interests, and various learning styles in order to ensure enthusiasm and musical growth. His patience and humor make learning fun.

Sol y Lunares

Jesse Torre x Mizuho Sato

Flameno duo based in San Francisco, CA, USA 

circa 2023

Jesse Torre : Guitarist, Music Director

Mizuho Sato : Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Direction, Dress Design


8/4/23 at Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Pre-Concert Reception for West Coast Premire of Alfonso Losa's Company

"Flamenco, Espacio Creativo"

See you at our next show!
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